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Animal Feed Products

Verde produces high protein cattle feed pellets, bales and cubes from the following tropical forages from its base in Thailand:

  • Guinea grass
  • Napier grass
  • Kenaf leaf
  • Cassava leaf
  • Animal Feed Products
  • Agritech Products

Additionally, we also produce cattle feed pellets from:

  • Leucaena leaf
  • Rice bran
  • Cassava starch pellets

Other products available include Total Mixed Rations, and nutrition supplements to maximize the health and productivity of your herd.

Agritech Products

Irrigation Technology Solutions

Verde is a distributor of Sub-Surface Irrigation products that applies water directly to the root zone using Appro Porous Pipes. Dispersing the water evenly over a large area with this technology reduces the rate of water discharge into the soil, bringing it closer to the capillary absorption rate. The Appro Porous Pipe is a continuous cylindrical membrane made from recycled aircraft tires mixed with selected polymers, and is extremely rugged with a minimum life span of 15 years. The pipe is naturally porous due to the extrusion technique and therefore allows water to sweat through its membrane in a similar way to human skin. The porosity of the pipe allows water to leak out at a remarkable 0.5 PSI of pressure. With such little pressure required, our Subsurface Irrigation System is fed from water storage tanks as little as 1 meter above ground. Using only gravity rather than pressurized water feeds, it provides water consumption and energy cost savings of up to 70%, and thousands of hectares of land can be covered using just water tanks and gravity.

Hybrid Solar Trailers

Verde is a distributor of the BlueMan Hybrid Solar Power Trailer that can be described as an “Alternative Mobile Power System” (AMP System). Essentially it is an alternative to conventional mobile diesel generator units. It can be towed to a site where power is needed and no utility power is available. Once on-site, the trailer can be detached from the vehicle as it is a completely independent power system.

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